Astro-Medicine, Doctors, Patients and Horoscopes

Since the times of Babylon and Egypt, Jews have kept comprehension of astrology in their confidential doctrines. Astrology at the center Ages re-blossomed due, in large part, to the works of the Jewish scientists of the Alexandria School. Many works on astrology have been deeply penetrated by the Jewish mysticism. Thus, astrology, once again, was presented to Ancient Europe. Performance of astrology have been founded at universities in Cordoba and Toledo, in which students from every perhaps the country studied the science of the stars. Astrology was recognized in all countries, classes, and trades and by leading minds of the Europe of the period. It was burgeoning time for astrology. Not only researchers, but also kings, Popes and the branded persons became adherents of astrology. When Catherine de’ Medici (1519-1589) arrived to Italy as the wife of Henry II (1519-1559), she brought with her a staff of leading astrologists of Florence. She never made any decision without their advice. Among Ekaterina’s consults was Michel d5 Nostredame (1503-1566), the doctor-astrologist who successfully treated patients of a plague in 1546. He was a Jew who became Christianity. Later, he became known for his predictions under the Latin form of his name, “Nostradamus. ”

Doctors and operating doctors of the time left countless works on the themes of astro-medicine. These works are not only priceless by their content, but also because they provide vital information about the medical properties of many herbs. Unfortunately, because of the continuation of the oblivious biases of traditional researchers, this literature is not accessible to many modern students. Manuscripts and books are under lock-and-key in library archives of the European museums, at universities and in the Vatican. At the end dr.jill of 20 centuries, use of astrology in diagnostics and treatments has vanished from the practice of traditional medicine, in spite of its proven history of success. It has all but evaporated, freely, at least.

Astrology would demand that if a doctor will not familiarize him/herself with the horoscope of their patient before treatment, it would be necessary in most cases to examine that of the doctor. To learn when and where the doctor came into this world is not necessarily that easy, but it can agree with your wise promptings. Experts of astro-medicine tell us that if there is no star harmony between the patients and the doctor, recovery can be incomplete or, in some cases, will not occur at all. In these instances it is necessary careful choose another doctor.

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